Must-Have Qualities for an Entrepreneur (Part 3)

4. Vision;

An entrepreneur of necessity should be a visionary. You should constantly have your mind seasoned enough to be able to see the future of your business, see the possibilities and opportunities when they come your way. You should be able to see and set achievable goals for your organization/business to take it to the next level, and always be a step ahead of your competition. A business without a vision would always remain stagnant.


5. Commitment:

Absolutely anyone can have a good or even great idea. Almost anyone can take steps to implement their ideas. But commitment is a major factor in determining the end of their great ideas. Not everyone has the discipline to follow through. Lack of commitment causes people to give up on their dreams, ideas, or goals. It’s not enough to start something and see the future… You require the discipline to stay and be committed to see success in your ventures.


6. Focus:

Focus definitely seems similar to commitment, but the difference I would like to point out here, is about staying in your lane. Focus helps you stay committed to not being the “Jack of all trades”. Sure!  You could thrive in various industries, but your focus helps you manage your attention and timing appropriately.

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