Must-have qualities for an Entrepreneur (Part 1)

June 12, 2018 Posted by beezyideas In News No Comments


The rate of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, and Africa at large seems to be ever increasing… And truth be told, it is quite commendable. Then again we need to ask ourselves, the reasons people seem to easily venture into business these days. Running a business is not just about attaching “CEO” or “Director” to your name. There is a whole lot of self-investment required, which would definitely determine the life span of your business.

An entrepreneur is a leader, and hence must have certain qualities, values and evident investments in his/her personality, if there truly is a desire to see a business thrive.

Some of these necessary leadership qualities for an entrepreneur include the following;

  1. Passion;

You have got to be passionate about your business and brand. Your passion to what you do is the very foundation of what makes you a master salesman. Ask yourself, “how passionate am I about my business?” Is the passion still the same as it was when you had the idea? Has your passion decreased or increased? Do you still believe you can make a difference with your brand?  Passion is contagious. A boss without passion can never have his/her employees get passionate about their jobs.

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